WESP Consulting - Business Substance and transparency at its core

Stefan Lilienkamp - Director

WESP Consulting helps its international clients to structure their business models onshore and offshore fully transparent and tax compliant.

WESP Consulting operates as a trusted partner between banks, tax advisers and customers to identify and implement the best substance solutions that satisfy bank regulatory requirements, international tax laws and customer budgets.

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Founded 2009 in Austria operating under strict professional license standards.

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Since 2011 strongly based in Cyprus using the favorable business conditions.


Global Partners

Active in 46 countries with a large partner network

Wirtschaftkammer Österreich

WESP Consulting is member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. 

Consulting is according to § 94 Z 74 Gewerbeordnung 1994 (idF BGBl. I Nr. 111/2002) regulated and requires a specific proof of qualification.